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Termite Treatment

termite treatment pre

Pre-Construction Treatment:
Infrared showing termites in tunnel jamaicaA builder’s source of revenue rest on mainly upon reputation and no one knows that better than G.O. Pest Control Services. One of our main purpose is to ensure our clients structures withstand the test of time and that the individuals who occupy them are safe and satisfied.

Termite Pre-treatment is the application of termiticide to the soil prior to slab pouring and construction, including the soil around additions and/or new unattached structures. Pre-treatment creates a barrier which keeps out subterranean termites. It is recommended that ALL new construction, including remodels and additions have the soil treated for termites before the slab is poured.

For all new construction termite pretreatment projects – both residential and commercial – we use a premium long-lasting preconstruction soil termiticide.

G.O. PEST CONTROL SERVICES offers a five year warranty on all pre-treatments. The five year warranty can be renewed on an annual basis following the initial five year warranty period.

Post construction Treatment

termite excavation treatment jamaicaOnce a termite infestation has occurred, prevention is no longer enough, and more action must be taken to prevent damage. A variety of chemical treatments exist to correct the problem.

A complete post construction treatment usually takes a day, and access to the inside of your home would be minimal, if required at all. Drilling of holes measuring ½ inch in diameter approximately 3 inches from any wall that has concrete slab attached to your structure. These holes are 12 inches apart, and 18” deep. This allows termiticide to be applied in a continuous barrier below concrete driveways, walks, patios and garages. The same is done for the inside of the structure and sometimes foam termiticide products are sometimes utilized inside wall voids to enhance the treatment.

Excavation is done along any walls that have soil next to them. This trench is no more than 6 inches wide. Termiticide is applied to the trenches to create a continuous barrier of treated soil all the way around the structure. This will ensure that any foraging termites will have to encounter treated soil before making entry into your home or business. All holes will be patched and all trenches covered over with treated soil.

Using a professional pest control service to prevent and control termite infestations is the most convenient and guaranteed ways to preserve the value of your home. Different types of termites require different treatments for best results, as each type lives in a slightly different environment, such as dry wood, wet wood, or soil. Another advantage of using a professional service to treat a termite invasion is that professionals are familiar with the most effective and safest ways to alleviate termites. Inspections and treatment for termites should be done regularly for the best results. It is best to be proactive and treat the problem sooner rather than later before termites spread in your home and cause extensive damage. Contact G.O. Pest Control Services today.

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