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Drywood Termites:
Whole-structure fumigation is the only termite treatment that can ensure 100 percent elimination of drywood termites. Any building with wood in the structure is susceptible to infestation. Drywood termites, in contrast to subterranean termites, dwell inside the "wood" they consume, rendering soil treatments worthless. For severe, extensive, partially inaccessible, and/or challenging to identify drywood termite infestations, structural fumigation is advised. Treatment for less severe infestations frequently involves injecting termiticides directly into the wood. Although helpful as a treatment, fumigation is not a preventative measure. While drywood termite colonies that are active at the time of treatment are controlled by fumigation, no future colonies are protected.

A home will first be covered with a tent (tarps) during the termite fumigation process before a fumigant is released throughout the building. The fumigant will be circulated throughout the house to get to the wood's internal cracks and fissures, where termites can burrow and grow. The fumigant will be inhaled by the termites, which will reduce their oxygen levels, harm their neurological systems, and ultimately result in their death.

Once the house has been adequately ventilated and cleaned after treatment, fumigants don't leave any residues on household items. Contact G.O. Pest Control Services today.

Stored grains
Fumigation is the process used to get rid of insects from grain that has been stored by employing a hazardous gas called a fumigant. This chemical, which is produced and condensed as a gas, is lethal for specific living organisms. Unlike contact powders, the fumigant penetrates the grain mass to reach the emerging, typically invisible developing forms (eggs, larvae). Fumigants should only be used in completely enclosed locations since they spread wherever they are released. The containers used to store bulk grain must therefore be totally sealed. Grain sacks are often covered by securing the tarpaulin's edges to the walls or the floor. The effectiveness of fumigation is, in part, dependent on the actual gas concentration. Contact G.O. Pest Control Services today.

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