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Rodent Control

Rodents are a not only a nuisance to businesses but they are also the carriers and transmitters of numerous diseases. Rats and mice also cause damage to properties and structures by gnawing through walls and electrical wiring. G.O. Pest Control Services rodent control program will put a stop to these activities by tailoring a plan that fits the situation. This is done through:

  1. Site Inspection - We’ll start with a comprehensive inspection of your facility and identify signs of rodent activity, potential entry points and attractants.
  2. Exclusion – The use of metal platings or the sealing of entry points utilizing caulking or other products will prevent the rodents from accessing the structure.
  3. Sanitation - We give customers detailed sanitation guidelines and recommendations to help eliminate attractants and maintain a clean, sanitary environment.
  4. Monitoring and Maintenance – Ongoing monitoring to determine the effectiveness of rodent control programme in reducing the population
  5. Baits and Traps – The installation of bait stations with the appropriate material, whether it be rodenticide or glue traps.

rodent control

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