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Mould (Mold) remediation

Mould is a fungal growth that appears on damp materials. It can also be called mildew. it is a natural component of the environment and plays a crucial role in nature ; indoors, mould growth should be avoided. Mould reproduce by means of tiny spores. These spores, are present in the air and settle on surfaces, they are invisible to the unaided eye. The spores can create new mould colonies where they are deposited if the environmental factors of temperature, moisture, and nutrient availability are favourable. Although there are many different kinds of mould, they all need moisture and a food supply to thrive.

The goals of remediation are to remove (or clean) contaminated materials, preventing fungi (and fungi-contaminated dust) from entering an occupied (or non-contaminated) area. Contact G.O. Pest Control Services today to find out more about our Mould Remediation process.

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